Jack Latti

Jack has an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture and has a broad knowledge, detailed understanding and experience in the propagation, planting and salvage of a wide range of terrestrial and aquatic flora species. 


Jack was born Pretoria and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the eldest of four children.  Throughout his growing years his family travelled regularly throughout South Africa.  Jack's parents introduced their children to a life full of experiences and from a very early age Jack was actively encouraged to explore bushland.  Click here to see Jack's Glimpses of South Africa.

Jack soon discovered he had a natural affinity with earth and he developed a fascination with which plants he could propagate in his home and farm gardens.  Jack travelled often with his father Ivan to collect predominantly aloes and other interesting and rare plant species as part of the South African association known as Operation Wildflower.  Through this association plants can be removed from properties that are due to be developed for mining or agriculture.  This has contributed to Jack's keen interest in indigenous flora and conservation. 

This vast experience has greatly contributed to his instinctive feel for textures, finishes and durability - features which are all required to be considered for a natural organic type garden design.  Jack also has a keen eye for the use of colours and art in natural environments and has greatly enjoyed combining his passions of horticulture and ceramics which is evident in many of his garden designs.

Jack and his wife came to Australia in 1998.  They have 2 children and live in Research in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne.