Jack is primarily influenced by what he finds in nature itself - the shape of a plant, the bend in a branch, the texture of a rock and colours of soil.  Jack likes to use natural and recycled materials and incorporates them into his designs that best highlights their features.  In particular, the use of rocks and plants' growth habits, colours and textures play a primary part in his design considerations and choices.

Jack initially developed his feel of working organically as a result of his family background; being raised in South Africa; his father Ivan who gave him his awareness of the importance of conservation; and his Estonian born grandfather who were involved in plant breeding.  In his more recent years Jack has been influenced by his friends including artist Thijs Nel, and in particular former employers Robert Boyle and Sam Cox who coached him appreciating the native landscape.

From his background and experience working with ecologists and zoologists and his formal education in horticulture, Jack has a keen understanding for the need to preserve and create natural habitats.