Jack Lätti has been working in landscaping and garden design for the majority of his life.  He has an Advanced Diploma in Horticulture (Melbourne University).

Jack feels privileged to be involved in his clients' personal landscaping and horticultural requirements, bringing his knowledge gained from his experience and qualifications to create a space that reflects expectations.

Jack likes to spend time with clients on their properties in order to determine what functions the garden need to fulfill.

Jack believes that a garden transformation is not just a creation of something beautiful that can be viewed from a window, but is an opportunity to establish a creative yet functional space that is there to be explored and discovered.  For example, in his own small garden, Jack utilises his space to incorporate:-

-   a vast aloe collection presenting different species of aloes to show off their uniqueness 

-   rocks that provide texture, stepping stones, pathways and rain water management

-   a native garden using species that are suitable to his Eltham property

-   play equipment for his children such as cubby hut, swing, etc

-   secure space for dogs and chickens

-   his pottery and art studio

-   entertainment area

Every person requires a unique garden tailored to their own lifestyle.